How to choose the best rabbit hutches for your rabbits?

Published: 25th March 2011
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Rabbits love to roam and explore they have endless space to do so in their natural habitat. So it is important to provide your rabbits with a rabbit hutch that gives enough living space so they can feel happy in their captive environment.

Many people make the mistake of believing that three foot rabbit hutches provide enough space for a rabbit. Let’s be clear, a three foot rabbit hutch is not big enough for any breed of rabbit, ever!

It is recommended by welfare guidelines that a pair of medium sized rabbits should have 36 square feet of space to roam. Normally this would be divided so that 18 square foot of space is sheltered and the remaining 18 square foot is available as run space. It is also important to ensure that your hutch and run are tall enough to allow rabbits the ability to stand up on their hind legs without their ears being crushed on the ceiling. This is called periscoping and rabbits do it as part of their surveillance and investigating.

Once you have chosen the right rabbit hutch for your bunnies, you need to think about their everyday living. As well as plenty of run space rabbits need constant access to fresh grass or hay. Hay and grass should make up 90% of your rabbits daily food intake.

Rabbits have evolved as grass eaters.Grass has tiny silicate particlesthat grind rabbit’s teeth down as they chew. To accommodate this grinding action, nature has provided rabbits with teeth that never stop growing. As a result rabbits must eat lots and lots of grass in order to ensure that their teeth are ground down.

Rabbits, like most other creatures have a sweet tooth and will happily eat things like squashed peas and squashed sweet corn but these foods are very high in energy which means your rabbits may not eat enough grass and hay if they eat lots of these sweet foods. So only give them a treat once or twice per week.

There should always be a constant source of dry grass/hay inside your rabbit’s hutch. Rabbit hutches normally have metal wire windows where you can hang a hay rack.This will keep their hay is clean, dry and off the floor.Fresh, clean water is also a necessity, a water bottle or preferably a water dish is recommended. Always check it daily, don’t leave it to chance!

This is the Freddie Penthouse Rabbit Hutch, it provide almost 40 square feet of space for rabbits, it has an attaching run that stands over 2.5 feet high. The upper floor provides over two foot of height and the lower floor almost two foot of height. It is one of the biggest rabbit hutches available to buy anywhere. Freddie Rabbit Hutches were designed by rabbit owners to provide rabbits with enough space to feel happy and secure.

Rabbits can live as long as 10 years so buying rabbits is a long term commitment.

Rabbits also need regular visits to the Vet in order to check them over and to inoculate them from VHD and myxomatosis. Vet bills will be in the range of £100 per year for healthy rabbits.

Find lots more information about rabbit welfare and rabbit hutches at

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